What to Wear with Riding Boots

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what to wear with riding boots

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Riding Boots are truly a very versatile boots which are much more functional, comfortable and on-the-go compared to other boots. I have a love affair with this piece of footwear so that when I was asked to choose between a black motorcycle boots and brown riding boots for a gift, I went for the latter. You can´t really blame me. Check out how I wore riding boots with colorful combo and how I layered up denim shorts with riding boots, then tell me how magnificent they looked. Who doesn´t look magnificent in them, anyway?

Do you wonder how to wear riding boots like a celebrity? Are you on the look out for fashionable ways to wear riding boots? Are you searching for what´s best to wear with them? Many of you do! That´s why I decided to take a step back and do this review. Let´s take a look at these creative outfits created by three fashion bloggers and examine why they work and how to recreate them.

Look 1: Earthy Hues

This look is inspired by Wendy. I love the idea of pulling together a mix of pastels and neutral colors. To mimic this look, identify the color of your riding boots that you want to dress up, say chocolate-brown boots, and from there, create a color palette mix of nude, shades of brown and gray – earthly hues. An Alexander McQueen scarf, or a similar skull prints long scarf of complementary colors are great to add details to the look. Pull everything together with a white blazer.

wear riding boots with neutral palettes
Riding Boots, $328

Look 2: Accent Colors

I love the matching green for scarf (braided) and bag of the original look, but I decided to give my version a spin by using more vibrant colors. An oversized orange sweater on brown turtleneck fitted sweater will together create a rich contrast. I added a navy blue long scarf, which you can also braid, to complement with the huge colors. The dark blue skinny jeans serves as the base, and I picked the riding boots which accents the orange sweater.

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wear riding boots with bright colors
Riding Boots, $139

Look 3: Ragged

This outfit is something you would love to wear on a casual day. It looks effortless and playful. Choose a denim top which fits well and team it with faded looking skinny jeans. Go for a pair of leather riding boots, preferably those worn out favorites and throw over a brown top coat. A bag that matches your coat and a knitted cowl neck are great to spice up the look. Enjoy your every move.

wear riding boots with denim
Riding Boots, $134.67

Have Your Say

So tell me Creative Fashionistas, how would you style riding boots? What fashion pieces would you wear with them? Which of the above looks is your favorite?


  1. says

    Ahh I love them! I’d definitely pair them with a pretty pair of boot socks and some tuckable jeans and a comfy sweater, so it looks effortless but chic (which seems to be my favourite kind of outfit). I just need to get my hands on a pair, first! Hope you have an amazing weekend :)

  2. says

    ohh I love Wendy! I follow her religiously. Isn’t she so put together? I also love the outfit for the Accent Colors. I am trying to expand my wardrobe to include more pop of colors.