13 Interesting Interpretations of a Little Black Dress

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For over eight decades, Coco Chanel is successfully dressing women with her famous little black dress. Never been a black so flattering, and never been a mini cut so desirable. But time is always the culprit of change, thus LBD has constantly evolved. It still bares the same classic concepts – black, minimalist, and above the knee – but the original elegance of this little number took many and varied interpretations.

Here are thirteen modern and quite interesting definitions of the little black dress with that subtle blast from the past.

The Trendy

Motel Catalina Little Black Dress
Motel Catalina Dress, $48.00

For girls who love going with the trend, fit and flare is the current in-silhouette. Add an off shoulder style and you have a super hot little black dress.

The Gothic Rock-Inspired

Nocturne Velvet Skater Dress
Nocturne Velvet Skater Dress, $48.00

Leather isn´t the only texture that True Blood goddesses adore, thy love velvet too. But you don´t want to look vampire-y on your quest for a touch of goth and rock, so you opt for blood-red biker jacket and tone down the dare-devil statement with gray over the knee socks and lace up biker boots. We know you can kick *ss!

The Unmade

Danger Curve Little Black Dress
Danger Curve Dress, $48.00

It´s very Kate Moss, dishevelled hair to complete a sexy but never too made-up dress. We love how the contrast panel trend evolved, we´re now looking at the curved nude mesh panels that will probably take off soon, as a trend.

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The Runway

Nasty Gal Limit Line Dress
Nasty Gal Limit Line Dress, $48.00

This little black dress makes you feel like you just jumped off the runway. With that coveted skater skirt, a high neck and white contrast zip closure, polished with neon accessory and super gorgeous DÒrsay heels, you´re ready to conquer the world.

The Retro

Next Dimension Little Black Dress
Next Dimension Dress, $48.00

Jackie Kennedy would surely swap her elegant cover-it-up outfits with this retro LBD if she wasn´t a first lady. Who knows if she did swap them for good during her exile as the new Jackie O.? Bring out your retro girl persona, get this dress and complete it with geometric shades.

The Give It All

Love Spell Dress
Love Spell Dress, $48.00

When it comes to love, women tend to give it all. Is it a good idea? It depends to whom you´re asking, and it all boils down to personal preferences. But one thing is for sure, you can´t give it all unless you have it all. That said, only wear this love spell dress if you got the guts and the body in one.

The Almost There Romance

Nasty Gal Faithfull Crochet Dress
Nasty Gal Faithfull Crochet Dress, $48.00

When you look at this dress, you think of a romantic dinner date. Just add a pair of really cute high heels and an adorable black clutch. But that´s a mainstream interpretation, right? Here is a dress with a twist. Paired with western ankle boots and fringe cross body bag, you´d think it´s almost romantic, almost there, but with a surprising twist.

The Killer

Nasty Gal Strayer Cutout Dress
Nasty Gal Strayer Cutout Dress, $48.00

I would wear this dress anytime if you put back the cloth you took out of its sides. Otherwise, this dress is too trendy and too adorable, it kills me. But I love the idea of wearing it with skyhigh platforms. What do you think?

The Vintage

Soft Dip Little Black Dress
Soft Dip Dress, $48.00

I love polka dots, and I love the idea of taking a little bit from the past to blend with what is now, so this vintage-inspired little black dress really got me gushing. I only need to hunt for that hot red lips clutch (I already got red heels) to copy this look entirely. I don´t mind playing copycat.

The Animal Lover

Copy Cat Dress
Copy Cat Dress, $38.00

And speaking with cats, I do love cats! This copy cat dress is for all girls out there who, like me, are animal lover. Didn´t I say that Beige and Black is a new season trend to watch for? I´ve told you.

The In Loved

Nasty Gal Night Out Dress
Nasty Gal Night Out Dress, $48.00

If you love life so much and you celebrate it by going out, this sexy black long sleeve dress is a dress to have. Bring out your fabulous leopard pumps and practical black envelope clutch, then go out and grab a tequila. I love life!

The Confused

Show Off Crochet Dress
Show Off Crochet Dress, $48.00

I´m confused, which asset should I show off? The neck, the shoulders, the toned arms, the cleavage, the curvy figure, or the killer legs? Could you please help me figure out?

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The Rider

Persuasion Mesh Dress
Persuasion Mesh Dress, $48.00

It´s a classic little black dress updated with high neckline and sheer mesh detailing. For a whole new twist, add a moto jacket and combat boots. You´re so ready to take a joy ride. Can I join in?

What about you girls? Which little black dress are you? Do you stick on the safe side or do you go remove the box and dare to re-interpret an LBD?