The Perfect (Comfy) Shoes to Wear to Long Flights

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casual outfit in Paris7
The soft loafers I wore throughout my travel in France

One of the busiest articles I´ve ever written here on the blog is the celebrity-inspired, chic outfits to wear to long flights. I know that when it comes to travelling and long flights, we tend to opt for comfort over style. But throughout my travelling experience, I discovered that achieving both comfort and style isn´t necessarily a hard thing. Needless to say, in planning for a travel outfit you have to consider the weather of where you´re departing and where you´re arriving. It´s wise to choose clothes that quickly transition.

Most of my travels are done in summer so obviously, I pack up summer outfits. But the shoes that I found perfect for long flights that are both really comfy and chic are loafers. It´s easy to slip your feet in and out, and they´re very versatile! D’Orsay smoking slippers and soft ballerinas are also great alternatives.

Loafers with Jumpsuit

shoes for long flights

Jumpsuit is a very trendy piece to wear for travel. Pair it with a sophisticated suede loafer to give your feet comfort while still looking classy. Add a black leather jacket to keep you warm at the airport and on board. You can easily remove it upon landing and you´d be ready for a warm summer weather. Because the jumpsuit is loose on the body with roomy legs, you´d feel comfortable curling to sleep throughout your flight.

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Loafers with Romper

loafers and romper for long flights

This is a travel outfit that I would personally love to wear. I enjoy wearing comfy shorts and rompers to a flight. I usually carry a large scarf in my bag to cover my legs whenever I feel cold from the AC. Go for a sophisticated romper with gathered elastic waistband for ultimate comfort. Then add a glossy, nature-inspired pointed-toe flats.

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D’Orsay Flats with Comfy Dress

smoking slipper for long flights

Never rule out a comfy dress for travel outfits. I picked this drop waist dress with volume silhouette just because I love showing some legs, but you can also go for a maxi dress. I find this D’Orsay smoking slipper really cute. As it´s properly described, it has a chic look that’s both on-trend and timelessly sophisticated. You can wear it with anything throughout your travel, thus making travelling light for you. Pack a cardigan in your hand carry bag so you can quickly wrap yourself whenever you feel cold during the flight.

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What do think of loafers and smoking slippers? Would you wear them to long flights?