How to Style Sweater Dresses for Size 12

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I would love to wear a sweater dress with my leggings but I am a size 12. The leggings look great because my legs are thin, but the sweater dresses are always too clingy around my abs. Any suggestions? Thanks. ~ Barbara

styling sweater dress for size 12
Sweater Dress, Coat, Pumps, Clutch, Ring, Tights

Hi Barbara! I imagine how gorgeous you´d look in your sweater dress once you apply these four tricks that I´ve in mind. First, you´d like to direct the eye away from your abs once you´re in a sweater dress. You can do this by wearing a belt. A wide or slim belt will create shape and will emphasis your waist, minimizing the clinging of cloth on your abs.

The second trick is by wearing a coat over your belted sweater dress. You can opt for a coat longer than your sweater dress or vice versa. Wear your coat unbuttoned to show case that sexy peak of sweater dress underneath. If your sweater is body hugging, you need not wear a belt.

The third trick is by wearing a longer zip coat (open) over your sweater dress and pulling them together with a military belt. This look is really hot once done right. You still maintain your shape with edge even in layered coat and sweater dress.

The fourth trick is really easy. Wear a very eye-catching, killer shoes such as the leopard pump I chose for the above look. If you let your sweater dress and tights low-key, the attention just goes to the shoes. A great shoes simply fixes everything.

I hope this helps.

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So tell me Creative Fashionistas, what other tips would you add to the tricks I gave above? How would you style a sweater dress for size 12?