Styling Casual Wear – 3 Looks for Winter

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I found that staying fashionable and stylish on cold days is challenging at times. It´s rather easier to settle on something cozy and comfortable in expense of style. This is especially true if you´re going to stay outdoor for a while like grocery shopping, walking your dog, or strolling in town.

Styling Casual Wear - 3 Celebrity Winter Casual Outfits

But thanks to the arguably unflattering parka, you´re bundled up enough with just one piece to grab. Yet if you can beat that tendency and refuse to be lazy, the result is so worth it. There are many ways to look great in winter casually. Here are three celebrity looks that will help you amp up your casual look this season.

Leather Layering

One trick that you can do in going cozy for winter without looking thick is layering, and lots of it. Take a look at this cute outfit worn by Tailor Swift. She looks slim and cozy. Her secret? Layering of thin wool pieces and pulling them together with a leather jacket and leather boots.

I like the edginess of this look, all black combo with a little hint of color, a vibrant orange knitted hat and neutral light gray shoulder bag. So fab!

Styling Casual Wear - Celebrity Winter Casual Outfit1
Riding Boots

Rugged Jeans

I´m mostly all for jeans this winter. I wear thick tights under it. I don´t have enough fats to make me resistant of the cold thus double tights layering just doesn´t work for me, unless otherwise I stay in the car most of the time.

That´s why I found Rachel Bilson´s casual jeans outfit for winter nice. A kindá tattered jeans in military half boots, black sweater, navy coat, dotty long scarf and black oversized shoulder bag. Casually hot!

Styling Casual Wear - Celebrity Winter Casual Outfit2
Coat, Boots

Matrix Punk

I so adore this long coat look on Jennifer Hudson. It´s a casual version of the Matrix outfit, isn´t it? Everything in her outfit is black other than the leggings. This shows how a glimpse of color and bright pattern clearly pops on a black combo.

I admire how trendy her leggings in black tall boots look, and how relax and effortless she strolls with that long outerwear. Also, her hair looks neat being pulled together in a black knitted beret. Check out my version to the right, I´m sure those Alexander McQueen leggings suffice to inspire you to recreate this look.

Styling Casual Wear - Celebrity Winter Casual Outfit3
Coat, Boots

So tell me Creative Fashionistas, which casual wear for winter do you love? How do you layer up stylishly on cold days?


  1. says

    I am loving these boots and coats you picked out! makes this frigid NYC weather a bit more bearable when you can consider looking that cute :-)

  2. says

    Trying to stay stylish when it’s freezing out has got to be one of the world’s biggest challenges! I love layering and texture and most of all combining the two. Lately I’ve been wearing a fur vest over a thick intarsia sweater + it’s super warm!

    xo Mary Jo