Professional and Elegant Wear to Work Pants

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When it comes to wear to work pants, whether for the office or for a business meeting, you have a wide variation of professional looks to choose from. Pants are a great go-to piece because they provide great coverage, comfortable, and in certain cuts, can make your legs look miles long. If you pick the right style, they can even fit the black-tie bill. Here are several outfits you can wear to work with pants.

Work Wear Wide-Legged Pants

wide leg pants professional work outfit

Wide leg pants are best to make your legs appear slimmer. Although chunky heels look great with these pants for a more casual ensemble, if you´re wearing them to work high heeled-booties are the best complement. Choose a sleek professional jacket to polish up the look. A nice blouse or a long sleeve shirt worn tucked in is also a good option.

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Cropped Wear to Work Pants

cropped wear to work pants

Are you comfortable showing off the shape of your legs? You can do it nicely even to work in an elegant pair of cropped pants. These pants are especially perfect for you if you have short waist and long legs, they´ll give balance to your proportion. There are many professional ways to wear cropped pants too. You can create a monochrome look by teaming your pants with a matching top, you can go for a minimalist look by adding only a clean long sleeves and elegant pants, or you can add a printed top and then throw over a sleek jacket.

Roomy Work Wear Pants

roomy wear to work pants

Roomy pants come in many forms from soft, slouchy wide-leg, pleated square pants, to high-waist and boot cut. The key here is choosing the style that complement your shape and size. Avoid this type of pants if you are curvy as they will add you weight. The roomy high-waist pants are great for women with short waist and long legs. If you´re short, you´re safe to wear the wide-leg and other voluminous style. Roomy work wear pants are perfect to go with a pair of gorgeous stilettos.

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Classic Pants Suits

classic pants suits

There´s nothing safer than classic pants suits. They´re utterly sophisticated and professional. They´re also easy to wear because you simply have to add an inner layer and you´re done. And to add the positives, you can wear the jacket and pants separately by teaming them with other pieces, thus giving you more versatility. Don´t be afraid to wear a printed or colored top under your jacket, it´s a nice way to add interest to a mono suit look. The key here however, is choosing the right pants suit that flatters your figure.

Do you love wearing wear to work pants? Which looks above inspire you the most?

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