Help Severely Injured Fashion Blogger Lauren Scruggs

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Lauren ScruggsI felt my hands shook and my tears threatened to fall when I read PR Couture´s post about the fight for recovery of fashion model and blogger Lauren Scruggs after she was severely injured in a plane propeller accident early this month. She was climbing out of a two-seater plane at a private airport in McKinney, Texas when the accident happened. She lost her left hand and suffered severe facial injuries including blinded left eye.

Lauren Scruggs is the editor and owner of the online magazine Lolo. She has written for several online magazines and has interned in wardrobe for gossip girl and some designers show room.

I´m happy to know from this report that Lauren is now out of the intensive care unit and she´s walking, smiling and talking. She impressed me with her strong spirit, that upon seeing her face in the big mirror for the first time after the accident, she uttered, “It´s not that bad.”

I imagine the pain that she suffers, physically, emotionally and mentally, with the loss of both her hand and eye. I feel bad that this accident happened to such a beautiful person, and yet, this happens to many other wonderful souls. You really don´t know when accident and misfortune hits you. But on the other hand, sometimes, there are reasons why things happen, like perhaps you have a bigger mission to accomplish?

I urge you, my dear fashionistas, to pray for Lauren´s quick recovery and to send your support through her fundraising page.


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    It is an unfortunate accident that most likely could have been avoided. (The propeller shouldn’t have been on if you landed and people are getting off the plane.)

    It is amazing how Lauren is, how strong and inspirational.