Ask the Stylist – How to Wear Zebra Print Mini Skirt

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How to wear zebra print (black and white) mini skirt? I´m 23 years old with light brown, black hair. ~ Amanda

Since animal prints are now considered neutrals, you have more freedom to style them. You can wear with your zebra print black and white mini skirt another neutral separate such as a black, beige or white top, or you can go bolder by pairing with it vibrant colored tops and accessories.

If you would really want a more daring look, why not mix it with other prints and pattern such as a polka dot black and white blouse or soft print floral top? Your options are endless.

Wear Zebra Print Mini Skirt with Neutrals

This is the safest way to wear zebra print mini skirt, and the most sophisticated. You can sport these looks to formal gatherings. To keep things interesting while working with neutrals, use contrast. Add a pair of nude pumps preferably with red sole to your black and white zebra skirt and black top. Add a silver bangle and red purse.

Alternatively, if you choose to pair your zebra print skirt with a beige top, then go for black peep-toe pumps for a little sensual and sexy appeal. Keep the rest of your accessories in black.

Wear Zebra black and white mini skirt with neutrals

Wear Zebra Print Mini Skirt with Colors

So you want to go bolder? Create an on-trend look with your zebra print mini skirt. Team with it a vibrant and relax separate. For look 3, I injected some matching rule to the look – green top and green pumps. While in look 4, I opted for a single color stand out. Keep your accessories low-key to balance the print and color mix.

Wear Zebra black and white mini skirt with bright colors

I hope this helps.

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So tell me Creative Fashionistas, which of the above looks would you go for? How do you style a black and white zebra print mini skirt?