How to Wear Poncho – Your All Year Guide to Styling Ponchos Like a Pro

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Originally a Native American outer garment, poncho has evolved into a style essential. It protects you from fall´s chill and keeps you cozy in winter. But poncho is not bound only for cold days, it´s now available in lighter materials and smaller sizes purposely made to cover you even in summer and spring.

I´m a big fan of poncho. In fact, as I pile up my sweaters for chilly weathers, my ponchos are piling up too keeping up with my pullovers. I´ve worn poncho for fall and I´ve also created a poncho for winter outfit. Go check them!

If you´re looking for ways to wear poncho in each season, this post is here to help you style your poncho all year long.

Poncho for Summer

Yes, you wear poncho even in summer! Go for a lightweight knitted poncho over a tight spaghetti straps top paired with denim shorts. Add some summer-y accessories such as a feather necklace, feather hair extension, or cute sunflower hat. Or you can opt for a sheer poncho and wear it as a top, under is a muted tank top.

How to Wear Poncho in Summer
Missoni Zigzag Knit Poncho, $295

Poncho for Fall

If the chill of fall is still not overwhelming, wear a tiny poncho over your tank or sweater paired with jeans and riding boots for additional warmth. Because your cropped poncho add room on your upper part, keep your below fitted, stick with skinny jeans.

How to Wear Little Poncho
Milly Embroidered wool poncho, $375

Poncho for Winter

If you´re to wear poncho in winter, make sure that it´s sufficiently warm. Go for thick wool and cashmere blend, preferably a long poncho. Wear under a warm turtleneck sweater teamed with layered tights and jeans. Add a pair of over-the-knee boots.

How to Wear Poncho in Winter
Cashmere and merino wool-blend poncho, $1,365

Poncho for Transitional Weather

Transitioning from fall to winter and winter to spring can at times tricky. You need outfits that are not too warm yet enough to keep you comfortable when the wind turns chilly. Go for a poncho that can be worn as coat or wrap around. A belted poncho can be quickly worn open when it´s hot or can be wrapped around you tightly when the wind requires. Style with black tights and gorgeous, statement boots.

How to Wear Poncho as Coat in Spring
Tomas Maier Cashmere wrap, $2,080

Poncho for Spring

This is the time when you´re busy prepping for summer outfits, yet it´s not yet very sunny. Throw over an open-knit poncho on your casual tee and jeans look, or add a poncho shawl with boho-prints on your casual-smart outfit.

How to Wear Poncho in Spring
Fiu open-knit cotton-blend poncho, $495

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So tell me Creative Fashionistas, what do you think of ponchos for summer? How do your wear poncho in fall and winter? Which of the above tips would you love to apply?