How to Wear Polka Dots

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I love how the new dotty trend disproved the traditional notion that polka dots shouldn´t be worn when you´re passed third grade. Long before I saw lots of dots trending the runway and copied by many fashion bloggers, I already had a heart for this print specifically in bigger sizes. I noticed my adoration for it when I unconsciously collected a number of polka dots dresses and blouses. This love fueled me to breakdown here some runway and celebrity looks that I found worthy to mimic.

Wear Polka Dots Singly

how to wear polka dot dress
In wearing polka dots, I lean more to wearing it singly through a little dress that complement your figure. Choose a polka dots little dress in style and cut that you know suits you best. For me, most of my polka dots mini dresses are spaghetti straps with full skirts worn with wide belt.

In the photos above, Ali Larter and Jessica Lowndes both wore a sleeveless, V-neck polka dot dress with full skirt and the waist line emphasized. These dresses are great for a curvy or voluptuous figure. The third look on the other hand, a sleeveless A-line polka dot dress is perfect for a slim silhouette.

Because I have a very slim figure, I go for bigger polka dots to contrast my leanness. If you have a fuller figure, opt for smaller polka dots. If you´re in between, you have more freedom to choose. This is important if you´re wearing a single polka dot dress.

Mix Polka Dots in Various Sizes and Colors

how to wear polka dots 2
A very creative and the most trendy way of wearing polka dots is by mixing together various sizes and colors of dots – big dots with small, black dots with whites or polka details with transparent effects. Here are 3 gorgeous tips in mixing polka dots, from the left:

  • Mix small with big polka dots. Go for a top with small polka dot details and pair it with a skirt/pants/shorts with big polka dots, and vice-versa. The contrast of sizes is very entertaining.
  • Mix white polka dots in black and black polka dots in white. Choose a black top with white polka dots and pair with a white skirt/pants/shorts with black polka dots, and vice-versa. The contrast of colors is striking.
  • Go daring and wear a transparent or nude top with black polka dot details and pair it with a black polka dot skirt/pants/shorts. The effect is bold and surefire to turn heads.

Give a Hint of Polka Dots

how to wear polka dots 3
Having a hint of Polka dots in your outfit is a polished way of wearing this trend. A peek of dots adds fun to a plain look and spices up a printed outfit. Below are 3 ways to do it:

  • Wear a dotty top with a skirt and pull them together with a matching blazer.
  • Throw a light-colored trench coat over a polka dot dress and wear a pair of sexy heels.
  • Choose a light printed dress and wear with a cropped polka-dotted blazer in black and white for a seriously interesting look.

So tell me Creative fashionistas, are you a fan of polka dots? How do you style a polka dot piece? Which of the above looks is your favorite?


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    I used to dislike polka-dots years ago, but over time, they grew on me, and now I like them quite a bit. 😀 I think my favorite kinds are small-ish polka-dots involving bright colors. 😀


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