How to Wear Jackets with Maxi Dress

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Have you ever fallen in loved with a maxi dress? I know I had. I´m a proud owner of this blue maxi dress for summer.

We love this kind of dress because it fits very well and is extremely comfortable. They can be flirty, flowery or colorful. When we wear our maxi dress, we want to wear something with it to make the dress pop. We don´t want it to look like a walking rainbow or a single colored curtain. To achieve this, we throw over on a maxi dress the perfect jacket.

There are many ways you can wear a jacket with maxi dress. Here are 4 ways to do it:

Color Contrast, Blazer over Maxi Dress

HowtoWearMaxiDress1It´s always fun to create an outfit that embodies a color contrast. And what colors are best to clash? An emerald green and a blue. I found this silk maxi dress in emerald green and I immediately knew that I would pair with it a fitted jacket in blue. I love that this blazer features a notch collar, side pockets and button-down. You can either wear it unbuttoned or button-secured. To give this outfit a sexy appeal, I chose Christian Louboutin’s black suede pumps, peep-toe, to go with it. They perfectly blend for elegance and glamor. Black choker and sterling blue ring are your perfect accessories.

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This style isn´t exclusive for blue and emerald green. You can also mix red and neon green, purple and yellow, black and yellow, fuschia and green. or maroon and violet.

Toughened, Leather Jacket over Maxi Dress

HowtoWearMaxiDress2We know that red are currently, very on-trend. That applies to maxi dresses too. I love this red asymmetric silk gathered maxi dress from Halston Heritage. But this dress is too much of a statement and too sexy. I want to toughen it up with a cool biker jacket. Together, they bring an effortless transition between seasons. A biker jacket is your apparel that´s certain to bring edge to a maxi dress. I´d pair them with black sued shoe, metallic clutch bag, and black Grecian ring.

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Very Summery, Denim Jacket over Maxi Dress

HowtoWearMaxiDress3Another thing that I love to throw on over a maxi dress is a little denim jacket. It´s a perennially chic piece to complement a long summery dress. It injects ruggedness to a very girly dress. Because it´s very summer, I want to slip into gladiator flats and carry a sweet beach shopper. I really love to strut this around town on a sunny afternoon. With me are a pair of oversized sunnies.

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Gone Rouged, Jacket over Maxi Dress for Fall

HowtoWearMaxiDress4This time, let´s prettify a summer maxi dress as it transitions from summer to fall. Throw over your maxi dress a fierce motorcycle jacket. This is a great way to cover you when the weather cools. Tie a lightweight scarf to protect your neck and wrap your feet with edgy ankle boots. In this outfit, you still have the taste of summer but you´re not left out in the cold. Don´t forget your lip gloss.

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So tell me Creative Fashionistas, how do you wear jacket with maxi dress?