How to Wear Fishtail Skirts and Dresses

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Fishtail silhouettes, also referred to as mermaid, are a very sexy and feminine way to show of your curves. For boyish figures, they are a great way to give the illusion of a small waist and fuller hips.

The silhouette also flatters hourglass type figures, but pear shaped figures beware! Fishtail skirts and dresses accentuate the hips and thighs (something pear shapes don’t need help in), so if you already have curves, you will draw major attention. If that’s your goal, then rock it!

This post is inspired by a reader´s question – “I need some inspirations on how to wear fish tails skirts and dresses” ~ Jane.

Fishtail Skirt to the Office

Fishtail skirt for work
Fishtail skirts and dresses are usually worn for formal events, but they can also be worn at the office. Since fishtail skirts are very sexy, you have to be careful when wearing them to work. Be sure the length is appropriate and that the rest of the look is simple and professional. If you are already curvy, wear a blouse and/or jacket that draws attention to the top to balance out the look.

Fishtail Dress for A Fun Night Out

Fishtail dress
Mermaid style dresses are great for a night out on the town! They are sexy and flirtatious and you will be sure to turn heads when wearing one. To flatter the figure, add a belt. This will help cinch in the waist and give the illusion of a tiny waist and hourglass shape. Also, since fishtail dresses and skirts tends to be longer, wear tall shoes to give you height and elongate the legs. You will have your date drooling!

Formal Fishtail Skirt

Fishtail formal skirt
People usually think of evening gowns and wedding dresses when it comes to fishtail silhouettes, but mermaid skirts can also be worn for formal attire. If you are bold enough to attempt this, be sure to pair the skirt with a complementing top that balances out the skirt (like the one above).

Since the skirt hugs to the hips tightly, make sure to get the right size and to have it tailored to fit you perfectly. If not tailored correctly, this silhouette can be disastrous, so do yourself the favor and get to a tailor or seamstress. When the fit and proportions are right, you will have everyone saying “va va voom!”

Fishtail for Evening Wear

Fishtail formal wear
The most popular way to wear a fishtail silhouette is with formal wear. A mermaid dress is glamorous and sexy and will have you feeling like a movie star. For your next formal event, consider wearing a mermaid gown. It’s not everyday that you get to get all dressed up, so why not indulge in the most feminine type of gown?

If you do choose a mermaid gown, I’ve got one word for you: SPANX. Fishtail gowns are not very forgiving, and depending on the fabric, they will show every lump and bump. Spanx will smooth everything out and help round out your curves in the right places.

Fishtail skirts and dresses are fun and flirty; however, the tips above will help you to wear the silhouette properly. I hope I gave you some inspiration and tricks so that you can rock this sexy look!