How to Organize Your Scarves

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A few months back I gave you a glimpse of my wardrobe and outlined some tips on how to creatively organize your wardrobe. One of the fashion pieces that I love to collect are scarves. And I know that having a collection of unorganized scarves is a mess. When you´re in a hurry and you need that perfect scarf to complete an outfit, it´s stressful to dive through your sea of scarves for that one right-for-today scarf.

Having a small closet with not enough space is a hindrance in organizing scarves properly. I used to live in a small apartment and closet space was meager. I stashed all my scarves in a bag which I put under my bed. Everytime I needed to pull a scarf was a challenge. Now that I have more space in my closet, I´m able to arrange my scarves creatively and this is how I do it.

How to Arrange and Organize Scarves

Arranging all scarves in hangers is very convenient because you see all of them at once. You can quickly scan through them and find what you´re looking for. If you have enough room in your closet and you can allot one door just for scarves, below are my tips.

1. Organize scarves according to purpose. Group all the warmest scarves for winter – the knitted, cowl, tube and infinity scarves which comfort you during fall to winter. Put together all the casual scarves. Group the formal and glammed scarves together, the wow! scarves.

2. Organize scarves according to color and material. Your first group is the neutral colored scarves – black, brown and white. Then gather together all the printed scarves – dotted, animal print or floral. The silk and sheer scarves as your third group.

3. Organize scarves according to size. Group together all the shawls. Create a room for all the infinity scarves and tube scarves. Identify which are the medium length scarves and the smallest scarves, group them accordingly.

You can take any of the methods above in organizing your scarves, or you can mix them to suit your needs.

How to Organize Scarf

The way I organize my scarves is according to function and colors. I hanged side by side to the left all the knitted scarves, tubes and infinity scarves as well as the pashminas. They´re the scarves that I use for cold days.

On the middle are the neutrals. They include the polka dots, black and white, animal prints and single colored brown, black and nude. To the right are the glammed scarves – the beaded, sequined, floral, printed and bright-colored scarves.

If the scarves are organized this way, it´s easy to navigate through your hangers and pick the right scarf as you plan your outfit. This is even more useful if you´re dressing up in just 10 minutes.

Tips on Organizing Scarves
The winter and casual scarves.

How to Organize Scarves
The neutral colored scarves.

How to Organize Scraves by Season
The wow! scarves.

If you don´t have enough space in your closet for your scarves, you can arrange them by hanging on a rack. Another option for you is to organize them in drawers. As shown below, I put the scarves in drawers by group.

How to Organize Scarves in Drawers

Organize Scarves by Colors
The neutral colored scarves.

Organize Scarves by Function
The winter and casual scarves.

Organize Scarves
The vibrant, glammed scarves.

Remember that there are many ways to organize scarves. Above are just a few means of organizing them creatively. What is most important is that the way you arrange your scarves simplifies the process of dressing and helps you plan your outfits effectively.

But wait! Don´t have enough closet space or a bigger room for space-consuming drawers? Then scarf organizers are the answers to your plight. They practically declutter your closet by arranging your scarves without using lots of space.

So tell me Creative Fashionistas, which of the methods mentioned above is the most convenient for you in arranging scarves? How do you organize your scarves?