4 Celebrity Looks for Less – How Celebrities Wear High Waisted Shorts

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We know that high-waisted style is the new trend. High-waisted flares are starting to take over the hottest skinny jeans while high-waisted skirts and shorts, although not new trends, are still hanging around with their undying flairs.

For this week´s celebrity style and fashion, I´ve been inspired by how celebrities wear high-waisted shorts. We are very well aware of the whole range of high-waisted shorts. They come in denim, cotton, silk or leather with button-up or ribbon details, full or demure, fitted or mama style, with lengths that are either about the knees, mid-thigh or almost-about-there ulta-short shorts. I´ve spotted four celeb looks that are worth a mimic. Let´s examine how we can copy them for less.

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1. Blake Lively´s adorable sequined look


Blake Lively certainly knows how to glam up a high-waisted shorts. It only takes a sequined blazer to give an otherwise normal black shorts a million dollar look. A hint of black and white contrast underneath her stunning blazer is what makes this outfit VERY elegant.

We can copy this look for less. Pair a white button-down shirt with a black high-waisted shorts, leaving the first two buttons of your shirt open. If you can find a black and white platform, it´s a great reflection of your black and white theme. If not, a pure black platform pumps will suffice. Let your sequin jacket create the statement. Enjoy your long strides, giving light to those nude legs.

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2. Gwen Stephani´s suave all-black look


In everything that Gwen Stefani wears, she always injects her signature style – edgy, mixing feminine pieces with strong accents. That applies even to trendy high-waisted shorts. The strongest accents in this look are the sheer sleeveless blouse with black tube brassieres peeking out, and killer shoes. You can include the very Gwen, red lips too. The shiny black tights not only did the covering, enough to display her well-toned arms, they also did polishing, giving elegance flair to this outfit.

Ready to go edgy? Get a silk or cotton, black high-waisted shorts and pair them with a sheer top. The type of your blouse´s sleeves is completely up to you. You need a black rectangular clutch and a pair of super-sexy, sensuous pumps, shiny black tights, trendy white bangles and really red lipstick to have this look your own.

3. Rumer Willis´ leggy and sexy look


A button´s down shirt is a menswear staple that´s been invaded by women. Luckily enough, it looks good and sexy if worn by our kind. If paired with a girly, ultra-short high-waisted shorts, it´s a new version of a boy-meets-girl trend. Rummer Willis knows this trick. She showed us how a pale-yellow button-down shirt worn with navy blue button-up high waisted shorts, accented with floral platforms, gives a leggy, very appealing look.

The floral platforms with colors that blend with your yellow shirt are the best enhancer for this boy-meets-girl style. A black handbag is great for balance, especially if it matches your dark sunnies, although a dark-blue handbag can be an alternative too. This look is best if worn with bare legs.

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4. Mischa Barton´s modest but stylish look


Mischa Barton looked very modest and delicate in this vintage inspired outfit. Her blouse is a 1920s style and her high-waisted shorts are somewhat mama kind, but she needed only a healthy and good volume blond locks to accent this outfit. Her dark brown, peep-toe platform matched the color of her shorts. She looks effortless.

Not everyone is able to pull off a vintage look, but if a 1970s glamour is mixed with a trendy, high waisted shorts, it´s worth a try. Wear a silky blouse (jersey is a cheaper replacement), with vintage inspiration tucked in a pair of Paper bag waist shorts with tie belt, and then slip into a delicious, very luxus looking leopard platform pumps, you have a stunning version of a high-waisted trend.

Tell me, Creative Fashionistas, which celeb look inspires you to wear your high-waisted shorts?