How Celebrities Wear Button-Down Shirts

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How celebrities wear button-down shirtYou may or you may not be very aware of it but a button-down shirt is a go-to fashion item that you can quickly dress up or down. In fact, a classic button-down shirt, especially in white, is a must-have in a fashionista´s wardrobe.

I´ve been adoring a Contrast-trim Shirt which is a trendy version of a classic white button-down, just because it´s able to be taken out of its element and get redefined.

Today I thought of featuring how celebrities wear button-down shirt and where you can get their look. I summed up 3 great inspirations in reinventing our own button-downs.

  • Bright Color Combo

Garcelle Beauvais showed off her fresh take on button-down shirt. She opted for a citrus yellow button-down and paired it with a cobalt blue trousers. Gold and silver belt and necklace, as well as a divine silver clutch, were her accessories. This is definitely an outfit that makes a noteworthy colorblocked combo.

Jessica Hart was clearly on the mood to create a sweet, girly inspired look by pairing a pleated mini skirt with a basic black button-down. Her outfit is cute and sexy, but I thought of giving it a bit more spin by opting for an animal print skirt to go with the button-down shirt. Now, that´s what you call chic.

  • Casually Chic

I love how Gwyneth Paltrow looked casually chic in a tailored black short shorts paired with a classic white button-down shirt in silk. A chain-edged Stella McCartney clutch and fin necklace spiced up her outfit. The black pumps stated that clear elegance. She wore no colors, just basic black and white, however, for your version, you inject color through your necklace.

So tell me Creative Fashionistas, which way of wearing button-down shirt urges you to reinvent your shirt?


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    I love Girly Inspired. I want to try that outfit out. And as usual Gwyneth Paltrow is chic glam. I like the bright colors Garcelle’s outfit but I haven’t gotten to a point where I can pull it off.

  2. says

    The girly look is cute. 😀 I usually wear button-down shirts with full skirts. I have to get better at coordinating the shirts with pants; I usually just end up looking like I’m going to a business meeting. ^_^;;