5 Gorgeous Looks with Zebra Print Scarf

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There´s nothing more disappointing than being excited to wear your new zebra print scarf and yet feeling unsure of what to style it with. Has anyone experienced that? When you see a magnificent animal print accessory at you´re favorite shopping store and you know you really got to have it, you rarely worry about what or how many looks you can create with it until you´re there, facing your full-packed closet.

One creative fashionista is faced with such a dilemma today. I know because she ended up searching this entire blog looking for answers if she can actually wear it with a printed cardigan. Thus this post. I thought that if one girl is asking this question, there could be other girls asking the same.

The looks you can create with a zebra scarf aren´t limited to these five, but these are the first things I´m sure I´ll be wearing.

Zebra Scarf with a Bright Coat

zebra print scarf and yellow  coat
Coat, Scarf, Boot

Let your scarf create a clear impact, wear it as an accessory to a striking colored coat such as yellow, pink, or light blue. Keep thing elegant by matching your zebra scarf with black tall boots.

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Zebra Scarf with Printed Cardigan

zebra scarf and printed cardigan
Cardigan, Scarf

I´m all into clashing prints but only if the clash is cute and not a disaster. So if you´re contemplating on complementing a zebra scarf with a busy-print cardigan, make sure both items are of the same shades such as black and white or black an beige.

If your cardigan is of different color, then go for soft, non-busy print. One trick to break the clashing is by sandwiching a colored top.

Zebra Scarf with Colored Cardigan

zebra scarf and colored cardigan
Cardigan, Scarf, Jeans, Boot

We know that denim is a fall staple, right? It´s also a staple for winter. style those sexy dark skinny jeans with a colored boyfriend cardigan and add a zebra scarf. Toughen things up with combat boots.

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Zebra Scarf with Black and White

zebra scarf with black and white work outfit
Top, Scarf, Skirt

Zebra scarves are very versatile, they´d work dressed down for the street and dressed up for work. Simply throw it over a white blouse teamed with black midi skirt, let it the ends hang through each your shoulders for a carefree but sophisticated appeal.

Zebra Scarf with Black and White

zebra scarf with zebra jeans
Blouse, Scarf, Pants

If everything fails, you´ll never go wrong by matching it with pants toned down with a black top.

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How about you girl? What other ways do you wear a zebra scarf?