Color Theory: Women´s Best Bright Coats

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bright colored coats

No matter how much I dread winter and hate the bone-cracking coldness, everything is offset with pretty coats, especially the perennially chic bright-colored coats. Can you blame me? I was born this way, a big fan of bright colors! But I´m sure I´m not alone. Girls just love colors – have you gotten over your pink adoration yet? Oh well, here are the best of the best bright colored coats for winter. They look their best if paired with black, gray, and other neutral colors.

The Mustard Yellow Coat

Calvin Klein Womes Single Breasted Coat
Calvin Klein Women’s Single Breasted Coat, $250

In cold days, not only do we deal with the temperature, we also endure dark, gloomy days. Did you know that many people suffer from depression during these seasons? I actually believe that wearing more bright colors during hay grays boosts your mood and improves your day´s outlook. That said, shades in yellow speak a lot of warmth.

The Red Double Breasted Coat

Nicole Miller Womens Architectural Bright Red Coat
Nicole Miller Women’s Architectural Coat, $265

Need a new way to wear a brilliant red double-breasted coat? Wear under it a black turtleneck, keep the collars standing and cinch the waist with a slim black leather belt. Finish off with sexy black pumps or killer black ankle boots.

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The Orange Pea Coat

Anne Klein Women's Pea Coat
Anne Klein Women’s Pea Coat, $229

An orange pea coat looks perfect with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and dark riding boots. Because it´s a short coat, it makes your legs longer, adding length to your silhouette. I suggest opting for riding boots with heels.

The Timeless Blue Coat

Milly Claudine Coat
Milly Claudine Coat, $645

A very high-end single breasted wool coat in Helio blue is something not a lot of us can afford. But it´s seriously a great investment. Worn with a mini dress to a party or as a coverup to a casual smart jeans look, you´re always dressed up. Plus I must add, single breasted coats just make you look taller.

The Classic Pea Coat

BB Dakota Rynn Coat
BB Dakota Rynn Coat, $115

What makes this classic silhouette gorgeous other than it´s the most affordable bright coat in this list, is that it has a pair of notched collar, which fades into the single-button placket. You´d quickly think it´s another single breasted coat, but it´s not. The welt pockets which accent the front with an angled tier depicting a somewhat illusion waistcoat, are the next good things.

What do think of these brilliant bright coats? Which color are you? How do you style up a colored coat?