3 Celebrity Looks for Less: How to Wear Leopard Print Boots

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If there´s one animal print that has withstood the test of time, that´s leopard print boots. Akin to a little black dress, leopard print boots are every fashionista must-have. From the red carpet, to the runway and down the streets, you´ll see a hint of leopard prints. Stylistas just can´t get enough of them. They´ve been around for a while now and they´re here to stay, trending even more.

What makes leopard print a fashion staple? Contrary to its function in the wild, helping leopards mask from their prey, leopard prints in the fashion world are made to bring attention to the wearer, focussing on the shapely and lengthy legs, and gorgeous curves.

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According to the experts, “The standard leopard print of dark rosettes against a lighter tan or beige background has gotten an extra kick of color in recent years.” While there are a wide range of leopard shades that you can choose from, pink backgrounds to black and red versions, the more attention grabber – dark rosettes against light brown – are the most in demand.

That said, I´ve spotted 3 celebrities wearing leopard print boots very stylishly. Let´s mimic their look for less.

1. Simply Sophisticated in Leopard Print Boots

how celebrity wear leopard print boots

Olivia Palermo was looking very sophisticated in a leather outfit with leopard print boots. She knew that her wild booties will bring attention to her legs so she took advantage of it by wearing black, shiny jeggings. Wearing a sleeveless leather jacket over her black coat with cowl neck, she´s protected from the wind and yet still looked elegant.

Get this Look for Less!

how to wear leopard print boots like celebrities 1
Leopard boots

We can quickly make the same statement by slipping into this sexy leopard print bootie shoes. You can wear this outfit out on the town or even to work, if your line is a creative field. The boots are definite to call attention to your sleek legs and shapely calves, therefore don´t disappoint. Wear a shiny, leather-like finish leggings, turtleneck long sleeves top and vest, all in black, to finish this edgy look.

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2. Girly and Trendy in Leopard Print Boots


Seeing Kim Kardashian in this girly and trendy outfit, you will immediately notice her footwear. The dress, being black, simply becomes the background. If that does not prove how attention grabber leopard print boots are, I don´t know what would. But if Kim was wearing a different shoe in non-animal print, you would then notice her wrong choice of dress. Bubble dresses are not made for voluptuous and very curvy figures. Yet, she chose the right boots.

Get this Look for Less!

how to wear leopard print boots like celebrities 2
Leopard boots

For our version, I picked a sleeveless black dress with deep v-neck, lace up tie in the back and full skirt. Although we adore designers shoes, we don´t really want to hurt our pocket. I´m glad there are shoes that make us feel and look like expensive in a much lesser cost, such as this ankle boots by Kelsi Dagger. This leopard print boots paired with the black sleeveless dress, accessorize by a black faux patent snake print clutch and a black Mango Ring, is an outfit that´s a stunner but only for the brave of hearts.

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3. Fierce and Edgy in Tall Leopard Print Boots

how celebrity wear leopard print boots

I so love, love the way Eva Longoria pulled off this very edgy and fierce look with tall leopard print boots. Oversized black coat, thick black scarf, black beret, black oversized bag, black tights and black sunglasses. All black? You got it! To let the killer boots do all the talking, Eva genuisly let the rest of her outfit in black.

Get this Look for Less!

how to wear leopard print boots like celebrities 3
Leopard boots

Ready to feel that emotion when covered with a real killer outfit? Stir your guts! Strut this eye-catching Turbine boot from Penny Loves Kenny. Pair it with your beloved black trench or military coat. Slip into those sexy black tights, grab your statement-making handbag, throw over a black beret, and wear your oversized sunnies. You´ve got a distinctive, very edgy look.

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Remember! As you´ve observed how celebrities wore leopard print boots, always wear them with everything that´s black to let it stand out.

So tell me Creative Fashionistas, which celeb look inspires you to wear leopard print boots?