6 Types of Women’s Sweaters – For Comfort and Style

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woman in sweaterWhether it´s for layering, a wrap-around-the-neck, or a substitute for a jacket, sweaters are your ultimate multi-tasker piece of apparel. It protects you against the AC at your workplace during summer and it warms you comfortably when the temperature goes chilly.

While sweaters are often used for layering, they can easily transform into a scarf. However, sweaters aren´t made simply as second fiddles; they can also be your standout single piece.

Choose Your Favorite Sweater

Your sweaters always make you feel cozy and warm, but these basic shapes are also your treasures when it comes to style.

1. Boyfriend sweater

boyfriend sweater

Paperdoll Girls Boyfriend Cardigan

An oversize with a flaterring deep V-neck or at times in cardigan style, a Boyfriend sweater is great company to casual gatherings or weekend escapades.

2. Crewneck sweater

crewneck sweater

With its high, rounded neck, a Crewneck sweater is perfect for layering during cold seasons, especially underneath a jacket.

3. Cardigan

women´s cardigan

A machine or hand-knitted sweater, usually buttons down and colarless, a cardigan is your easy pick-me-up. It can feature a round neck or a V-neck.

4. V-neck sweater

v-neck sweater

Comes as a sexy, fitted, deep V-neck or slightly looser menswear inspired-style, can be worn with solo or with a t-shirt underneath, a V-neck sweater inspires you to showcase a scarf.

5. Turtleneck sweater

turtleneck sweater

Turtle neck sweaters are your classic pieces, elegant and are layering essentials. Whether it is with classic-fold overneck or a looser, all the same, they´re flattering.

6. Grandpa Cardigan

grandpa cardigan

Grandpa sweater from Gap

A grandpa cardigan features a shawl collar, although more classic versions are without it, buttons down and usually with front patch pockets.

Which sweaters are you excited to add to your wardrobe?

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  1. says

    I am excited about all these sweaters as Fall is my favorite season! I am not a huge fan of turtlenecks but definitely love cowlneck sweaters! The grandpa sweater is fun as well, I have a few of those and they’re so cozy!

    • says

      It´s true, the grandpa cardigan can be really cozy. On my side, the turtleneck is my personal favorite when it comes to styling, although if I´d prioritize comfort, I´ll pick up my basic cardigan.


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