6 Types of Skirts – Choose Your Signature Piece

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Many women can wear any skirt shape, but every woman has one or two styles as her signature pieces. For me, my signature skirt is pencil cut, preferably above the knee. This type of skirt accentuates my hips and rear and elongates my legs.

Different skirts goes with different body types. It’s important to be mindful of your figure in choosing a skirt.
Try all types of skirts and examine your look in front of a large mirror with tall mirrors on both your sides. You will quickly figure out which style makes you stand out.

Learn some fashion lingo. Do you know each of your skirts by name? Can you describe your standout signature pieces?

1. Pencil Cut Skirt

Pencil skirt exudes sexiness

A pencil skirt can sit high at or below the waist, and is fitted to the knees. Because it’s tailored for a close fit, it hugs your curves. The best skirt to exude sexiness.

2. A-line Skirt

A-line Pleated Skirt
A-line isn’t as body concious as pencil

With a slight flare that runs from the waist to the knees, it gives the impression of the shape of Capital A.

Because it’s fitted at the hips but not too huggy for everything, an A-line shape is a great alternative to the body-conscious Pencil skirt.

3. Tiered Skirt

flower tier skirt
Tiered skirt is all about feminine shape

This skirt is made of several horizontal layers, each wider than the one above, and divided by stitching.

Layers of all around ruffles give a soft feminine shape.

4. Bubble Skirt

Bubble skirt
Bubble is your most dramatic skirt

A bubble skirt widens in the middle, and then tapers at the hem, usually at or above the knee. A beautifully made Bubble skirt gives you a dramatic poufed silhouette while some not so good Bubble skirts succeed on making you look like you’re wearing diapers underneath, if not weird.

It’s important that you choose the Bubble skirt that flatters your figure. And again, this skirt is not for everyone. If you have a voluptuous figure, steer away from Bubbles.

5. Mini Skirt

mini skirt
Got desire to show off some legs? Go mini.

This is my second best skirt, mini skirt. It can be full or slim.

It creates a carefree style that can go from day to night. The only requirement? You must be confident of your legs.

6. Full Skirt

full skirt

Full skirt is your most romantic choice

By simple definition, a full skirt is something long that’s gathered at the waist. With pleating tucks or draping, a full skirt is a romantic choice that flatters most figures.

Pleats that fall from the hip are easier to wear than those that start at the waist, simply because the latter disheveled right after few minutes of sitting down and that’s regardless of how well you ironed it.

My standout signature skirts are Pencil and Mini. What are yours?