4 Ways to Wear Scarf for a Fabulous, Casual Look

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scarfScarf is every woman’s must-have. A very versatile piece of accessory, it’s able to transform an outfit into different looks.

Having a wide collection of scarf is necessary. Varied colors, materials, length and style  gives you an easy mix and combination for every outfit. More than the number of scarves, knowing how to wrap your scarf is essential in tapping all the possible looks that you can create out of a single scarf. There are many ways to wrap a scarf; however, if you are to create a casual look, there are four ways you can do it.

1. Tie it in a simple knot

simple knot scarf
Scarf tied in a simple knot

To tie a scarf into a simple knot you have to fold it lengthwise to your preferred thickness. Let the ends hang from your neck then tie it into a knot. You can either fluff up your scarf to hide the knot or you can turn the knot at the side of your neck for some style.

2. Turn it into a European classic

european classic tied scarf
Scarf worn in a European classic

Fold your scarf crosswise then let it hang from your neck. On one side is the folded end and on the other side are the loose ends. Insert the loose ends into the hole of the folded end then tighten scarf as desired. Any type of scarf will do for this style.

3. Let it fall freely

free fall scarf
Scarf left to fall freely

You can let the scarf have a free fall or hang down from the neck either in front or at your back. This is the easiest and quickest way to wear your scarf casually. Use dark colored and printed scarves for this look.

4. Make a quick toss

quick toss scarf
Scarf done with a quick toss

To do this, let the scarf hang down from your neck then toss one end towards your back. You can also fold the scarf lengthwise. Again, fold it into your preferred thickness. You can tighten the wrap in a manner that suits you. This is the most common way to wear a scarf. It would be best to use plain-colored scarves for this kind of look.

The key to getting that fabulous casual look is experimenting with your scarf and outfit. Try as many ways as possible while you do dress up in front of your mirror. Don’t be afraid to modify and develop your own style of wearing scarf. The great thing about being casual is that you get to stay in your comfort zone.