11 Ways to Wear Animal Print to Work

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If there´s a print so temptious and trendy yet so challenging to wear, that´s animal print. I´ve unlocked the secrets on how to wear animal print, I´ve taught women how to style animal print maxi dresses, and I´ve given tips on how to keep things trendy with animal print, simply because, if you know how to do it right, you´ve got an outfit that´s elegant and stylish for all seasons.

Can you wear animal print to work?“, girls often asked me. I´ve downloaded all the keyword searches for this site and I´m amazed by the number of women who are eager to know how to wear animal print to work. Clearly, women of style aren´t afraid to create fashion statements at the office. But remember, the key here is moderation.

If you work in a creative field and you show up in a very animal, overwhelming print … say an animal print long coat with matching faux fur, and you strut it with grace, expect to earn applause. But if yours isn´t creative, don´t even dare to try it. Here are 11 great ideas on how to wear animal print to work. But hey, they come with warnings, so take heed.

1. Wear a trendy yet respectable animal print top

animal print to work outfit1

It´s fine to be trendy at work, but it has to be respectable. This Byer Belt It Up Animal Print Top is a kind. Wear it with either skinny or straight black pants, fitted around the hips to allow this top to showcase its style. Its short sleeves, drape neck, and subdued animal print shade are perfect for a professional looking outfit that´s fashionable.

Update: Since sping 2013, monochrome has been a strong trend.

2. Wear a long skirt in animal print

animal print to work outfit 2

Another way of wearing animal print to work is through a long skirt. Long skirt is modest and therefore, safe. But don´t get conquered by the length of your animalistic outfit, tame it. Pair it with a white or black tank and white blazer.

Apply the rule of length: Match a short length blazer with a long skirt.
Apply the rule of contrast: Make sure your blazer is fitted if the skirt is vertically loose and roomy.

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3. Wear an animal print fitted dress

animal print to work outfit 3

Don´t be afraid to wear a fitted dress to work. While it´s mega fabulous to wear an animal print sheath dress to a cocktail party or a girls´night out, it´s inappropriate to wear it at work, only and only if, you go with this dress bare. Cover it up! Pop over it a cardigan, it´s safe if it´s black.

Warning! Before you decide to wear a short dress to work, observe first the length of skirts and dresses that your female superiors wear. If you feel that short skirt isn´t the norm, then go for a knee length or midi dress.

Apply the rule of length: Wear a long cardigan, an inch shorter than your dress if it´s a short sheath dress. Wear a short/cropped cardigan over a long dress.

4. Wear a sexy, feminine animal print dress

animal print to work outfit 4
Wearing a professional blazer over a sexy, feminine animal print dress is a trick you can integrate to your work outfits. Try a tuxedo over a ruffled leopard dress, it´s like boy-meets-girl. Complete the look with peep-toe nude pumps for ultra-femininity and grab an orange tote bag. Oh, so delicious!

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5. Wear an animal print dress in shades nobody expects

animal print to work outfit 5

Animal prints are usually in black, gray, dark or light brown shades, and rarely do you see women brave a colored animal print. Be the first in your office.

This Charlie Jade Women’s Traci Dress is one of a kind, and at an affordable price at that, a silk dress with overlapping front neck with pleat detail, t-back and elastic waist. Wear it under a black blazer to trigger intrigue, “How does that dress look without a blazer?” Wear pointed high heels for a complete professional look.

Warning: Avoid cheap-looking leopard print with pink edgings or highlights.

6. Wear animal print Tights

animal print to work outfit 6

Are you a lawyer, MBA, accountant or someone who works in a corporate world? Drop that boring all black, all plain suit and hose, inject fashion in your outfit with this Tight End Tights Animal Print. Who says wearing an animal print panty hose to work is a big No-no!?

If it´s as tamed as this black, seamed and stretchable SPANX Uptown, you maintain professionalism. And if it comes with a shaping panty that´s high on the thigh so it stays hidden under shorter hemlines, wouldn´t it make you scream, “Get me one of it!”?

7. Wear an animal print drape cardigan

animal print to work outfit 7
Wearing an animal print cardigan to work is rather scary and quite challenging. But remember, I´ve said it over and over, the secret is taming it. Let your clothes be white and fitting, white dress of normal length or a pencil skirt and white fitted top, wear over them your animal print cardigan and let it soar! Peep-toe nude pumps please, or strapped, pointed and open back heels.

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8. Wear a casual animal print shirt for TGIF

animal print to work outfit 8

You normally can go a bit less dressed on a Friday. For laid-low kind of days at work, wear a sleeveless animal print top, black trousers and black cardigan. However, if you know you probably would be called for a meeting with the boss or your immediate superiors, it´s safer to be ready with a blazer. Wear pumps or ballerinas, in gray or in black.

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9. Carry an animal print bag

animal print to work outfit 9
Probably the easiest way to spice up an outfit is through an animal print bag. Let your bag shine by making everything – pants, skirt, blouse and shoes – subdued. It´s time for the print to take center stage. Enough said!

10. Wear animal print accessories

animal print to work outfit 10

If you prefer to stay on the safe side, you better wear animal print in minimum amount. You can achieve this by going for animal print accessories. Wear animal print pointed heels, animal print scarf or animal print bracelets. You´re just giving your office colleagues a hint that you´ve got some sense of style, that´s it.

11. Wear an elegant ruffle dress with matching modest skirt

animal print to work outfit 11
Very elegant and modest is this Ruffle Animal Print Dress. It´s perfect for teachers. Don´t get me wrong, I´m a teacher myself. But yes, if your shoes match your blazer and bag, you´ve got a very conservative look, only trendy. Who needs to know that you too wished for a boob job? Nobody. What matters is everyone knows you can pull off an animal print.

Which way of wearing animal print makes you comfortable for work?


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    hi there… thanks for your comment :) love the white blazer and the black on on the sixth picture :) i am a sucker for blazers 😀

    • says

      HI fashion, i agree. There´s definitely no reason not to wear animal print to work. There are many ways women can be professional yet fashionalble at the same time. :)

  2. Debbie says

    Wow!! This was such a funny post that nailed the topic with accurate examples. I really enjoyed reading it, thanks!